Tape and Wax

Here at Rocket Rod’s we only use and provide the highest standard of tapes. Our Pro Grade tape, is the same brand and material that pro hockey players use in every game. Our Black and White tapes, come in both wide and narrow widths. We also keep a smaller supply of coloured tape, for the player who want’s to add a bit of flare to their sticks. We also carry pro grade sock tape, in clear and a small┬ávariety of colours. As well, we have grip tape in a wide range of colours. As well,┬átrainers tape and pro wrap are available in our store. Also available in our shop is “Blade Tape” with standard white and black, and also a small selection of colours, and NHL teams (Limited quantity and availability).

Rocket Rod’s also carries a couple varieties of stick Wax. Our more popular brand is our “Mr. Zogs Sex Wax” which is a softer and scented stick wax. Compared to our “Ice Wax” which is a non-scented and harder wax.